Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Unfortunately, I've caught the flu. I should have went for a flu shot at the beginning of winter, as per my mom's insistence, but I'm stubborn. Alas, here I am, sick in bed for the next couple days. Instead of sitting around doing nothing, which is basically what I've been doing, I thought I'd share some of my sick-time essentials with you.

I like to stay hydrated when I'm sick, so a bottle of water is absolutely necessary. For me, the best food when you're sick is chicken noodle soup, so Campell's has been in and out of my room since I caught the flu. I've also been keeping a little journal and pen from Target near my bed, to write down thoughts and get out my frustration over being sick (I just want to get up and move!). Cough drops are my best friends and my favorite are the Halls Breezers. Unfortunately, my lips have been terribly chapped (TMI?), so keeping my lip balm on my nightstand has been necessary.

While my sense of smell has been dulled from being sick, this Bath & Body Works candle smells strongly enough that I can still get a nice little whiff of it every now and then. My laptop has basically been on my lap for 24 hours at this point, as Netflix has become my vice. My boyfriend has convinced me that tea makes everything feel better, so I'm drinking my favorite breakfast tea in my cute little monogram mug. Finally, I've just been shivering on and off for hours, so this Clueless-inspired beanie has been practically glued to my head.

What are some of your sick-time essentials? Do you spend all your time sleeping and watching Netflix, like me?