Saturday, March 15, 2014


For me, spring is all about the pastels. Flowers are beginning to bloom and Easter is on it's way, providing the perfect platform to show off my favorite shades of nail polish. I wear pastel polishes all year round, because I'm obsessed with how lighter colors look on my skin tone, and I love when spring comes around so I can shamelessly outfit my nails in the prettiest pastels on the market.

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Nail Color "White On"*
For this specific polish, you can really use any brand you want, but I absolutely love white nails, specifically for the warmer months in spring and summer. White looks great with a little tan and this formula is gorgeous. Apply two thin coats and you're good to go for a week. The best part about this polish? If purchased in store, it's normally costs $2.50, which is an absolute bargain.

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Nail Color "Lacey Lilac"
I tried to steer clear of including multiples of the same brand, but this is my all-time favorite lilac/lavender color, including the pricier pastel purples I have. The application, lasting power, and over all formula of these polishes are terrific. Again, $2.50 a piece isn't too shabby.

OPI Nail Lacquer "Gargantuan Green Grape"
Now, I'm going to be completely honest about this polish; it's not the best formula. Typically, I'm an OPI lover but this polish is weirdly sheer, yet still a thickish formula, so you need about 3 coats and a ton of drying time. That being said, in person, this is the most beautiful light green nail polish I've ever seen, which is why I put up with the weird formulation. Depending on the lighting you see this in, it can either be a light, slightly lime green or it can be very minty. OPI normally range from about $8-$9, but you can pick this up on Amazon for about $6-$7.

Essie Nail Polish "Mint Candy Apple"
Mint nail polish has been a bit of a fad in the beauty community for a few years now and this specific mint is a cult favorite. I have probably over 15 mint nail polishes (feel free to judge me) and this one is my go-to. It's a mint blue, rather than a mint green and if you're looking for a nice replication of that classic TIffany blue, pick up this one. Again, this ranges from about $8-$9 in stores, but you can get this for about $5-$6 on Amazon.

Julep Nail Color "Bess"
Julep is a newer polish company that's only been out for a few years, but they have staked a spot in my heart. This specific shade is an insanely gorgeous baby blue. While both Julep and I describe this as baby blue, there's something a bit more intriguing to this color and it just pops on your nails. It has a flawless application and is nearly opaque after 1 coat, making 2 thing coats of this perfect. Typically these polishes will run you $14, but this one is currently on sale on Julep for $2.99. I'm just going to be blunt and tell you that at only $3, YOU NEED THIS.

What do you think of my spring picks? What are some of your favorite spring polishes?


  1. I can't even handle how cute these colors are! I love pastel colors, they are just eye candy to look at ^_^

    Laila from Townhouse Palette ♥