Sunday, March 16, 2014


My candle obsession is very real. I try to avoid buying candles, because I have so many, but I'm Bath & Body Works is having a sale on 3-wick candles (2 for $22) and it was an amazing value, because it's essentially buy one, get one free. Bath & Body Works sells some of my all-time favorite candles so I had to pick up a couple. The sale is only happening for a limited time, so pick up some candles while you can!

Pink Passion Fruit,
What B&BW saysThe amazing juiciness of an island fruit inspired this combination of vine-ripened passion fruit, guava and sugarcane.
What I say: I wanted a nice, fruity scent for spring and this one was perfect. I'm pretty picky with fruity scents, because I typically gravitate towards warm scents. This scent strength is medium, so it's not the strongest candle out there, but it's also a noticeable smell. This is really nice if you're into straight fruity scents.

Bergamot Woods (no longer available on B&BW site)
What B&BW saysAn aromatic woodsy blend, highlighted by bright bergamot, fresh lavendar, and dark green cypress.
What I say: I'm obsessed with this one! The scent of this is very warm and masculine. I was debating between this and Mahogany Teakwood, another great masculine scent, but this one struck a stronger chord. It smells almost identical to the Hollister store and if you've ever walked into Hollister and loved the scent, pick this one up! It's stronger smelling than Pink Passion Fruit and is great for those looking for a not-so-girly, yet delicious scent.


  1. I love candles too, need a spending ban on them as well haha <3 love these ones you got :)

    1. I can't resist a good candle sale! Who doesn't want a lovely smelling house!

  2. i wish we had a B&BW in the UK!

    from helen at

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    1. If you ever make it over to the states, pick up some of these beauties if they're on sale! You won't regret it.