Friday, March 21, 2014


Recently, I discovered my holy grail of shaving creams. Typically, I don't care that much about the shaving cream I use, but I decided to try this on a whim and I love it. I don't think I'll ever buy another shaving cream, now that I've started using this one. EOS was already a favorite company of mine (I love their lip balms and hand creams) and this just adds to my collection of EOS favorites.

The bottle I picked up is a smaller, travel size, but they make it in full-size as well. This is my third tube and I can't get enough. As you can see, the product isn't a foam like most shaving creams, it's an actual cream. The product has a really nice pomegranate raspberry scent and because it's a lotion-like cream, it's ridiculously moisturizing. You can use this wet or dry, which is great if you're trying to quickly shave without getting in the shower. The travel size retails for $1 and the full-size will run you about $3.50. They offer four scent options: pomegranate raspberry, vanilla bliss, lavender jasmine, and unscented. If you're looking for an ultra-moisturizing, convenient shaving cream, look no further!

Have you tried the EOS shave cream? What scent do you want to try?


  1. great review, love the packaging!:)
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